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Talent Acquisition - What about the candidate?

Posted by Brett Marlow on 18-Feb-2016 09:11:41
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As an organisation we regularly meet HR and Hiring Managers that want to recruit the best talent within the shortest time and cost effectively. In today’s society there are many ways of attracting candidates with many “free” avenues available to the discerning recruiter. Depending on the seniority of role Indeed.co.uk or JobCentre+ prove effective for certain roles. At the higher end of the spectrum, Linkedin and other social media offer a wide reach to a niche target audience if used effectively.

In many instances, the routes to attraction are so effective that the company will end up receiving more applications for a role than their Human Resources can actually assess, filter and therefore respond to. And actually, because the internet is a faceless place, many of the applications for roles are purely speculative from candidates that don’t realistically have the right “stuff” to fill the particular role.

This creates two major issues, firstly the Human Expertise within the Talent Acquisition cycle ends up being bogged down by reading applications and CV’s that should never really have been considered in the first place. But secondly, more frequently than not, due to the workload pressures (on the HR team) many of the candidates will never hear back from the company as to whether they are suitable for interview or not. It might not sound like a big deal but when you are searching for a new job candidates will pin their hopes on particular roles in the vain hope they might be suitable.

If a candidate waits for weeks to hear back from an employer only to be told “thanks but no thanks”, it can cause frustration. This usually manifests in the form of ‘venting’ to friends/colleagues and even taking to social media. Ultimately, the company's Recruitment Brand ends up being damaged. One or two candidates aren’t going to make a huge difference but if over time there are hundreds of candidates expressing and sharing their frustrations then it could have an effect on your ability to recruit the best quality candidates.

Recruitment Brand is a term we are hearing more frequently and when you consider the fact that in today’s economy, the candidate is in high demand then Recruitment Brand could become the difference between you or your competitor winning the candidate's services.

As someone who has personally been at the candidate end of the process, I was shocked by just how many companies (including major Plc’s) that treated my application with complete disregard. I can accept being told that based on certain factors I am not suitable for a role. Hey you can’t win them all! But to feel ignored and in some instances to actually feel like you’re being regarded as worthless, well as you can imagine, I won’t be gushing with praise should I ever be asked about any of these companies in the future.

The good news is that there is a solution that doesn’t mean having to hire lots more Human Experts to deal with the candidates. In fact, there is a solution that (1) gives a company the ability to respond to every candidate in a personal manner and (2) free’s up the Human Experts to focus on spending more time speaking to candidates without treating them like a commodity.

A good Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP) should give you the ability to transfer some of the Human Expertise into the technology so all candidate applications are assessed using predefined rules and criteria, in the same way that a HR or Hiring Manager would make the assessment. The same platform should also give you the ability to send messages to candidates at all stages of the Recruitment Lifecycle, by text, email or by even giving them access to an “Applicant Portal” which they can login to at anytime to see the current status of their application.

iintegra is one of these Talent Acquisition Platforms and we are always happy to demonstrate how we can help increase your Recruitment Brand by improving the Candidate Experience, just one of the many benefits of using our unique TAP.

For more information, please contact Brett Marlow on 07468 457585 or email brett.marlow@iintegra.com

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