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Talent Acquisition Platform - Yes or No?

Posted by Brett Marlow on 02-Jun-2016 11:53:48
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Here are a few of the reasons you can’t afford to not have a good Talent Acquisition Platform


I realise that being someone who sells a Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP) that I might be somewhat biased in my views but there is good basis as to the benefits of setting up a Recruitment Strategy which can easily be managed saving both time and money.

Caring for Candidates

As I’ve covered in recent articles, it is sometimes forgotten that the candidates are REAL people with feelings that can often be desperately looking for a new career. Due to the volume of applications, it has become a challenge for individuals within the Hiring Process to respond individually to each candidate, particularly if they are not suitable. If a candidate goes away feeling that they haven’t been treated fairly or with consideration then they may tell others (via social media) about their experience which could have a negative effect on your Recruitment Brand.

Therefore, a good TAP will give you the ability to assess all applications and to communicate with them automatically regardless of their suitability or not. Happier candidates = improved Recruitment Brand

Stop wasting the Human Resource

Too often from our experience, HR teams are bogged down dealing with tasks that could be easily done by the right TAP. Many companies still ask candidates to apply for jobs by email or by post, which creates significant amounts of administration; transferring data to internal systems, assessing the information, responding to the candidates…

A good TAP should give you the ability to easily customise the application process which could include a pre-screening stage whereby the candidate is automatically assessed based on responses to specific preset questions, meaning that a Human will never waste time opening a CV unless the candidate meets the basic role criteria.

Again the right platform should easily be integrated with internal HR or Employee databases meaning applicant data is automatically transferred at the relevant stage within the Hiring Process.

Automation = Many man hours saved

Reduce lost expertise

Some of the organisations we talk too are concerned that using a TAP dehumanises the Recruitment Process, we are not trying to replace HR/Recruiters with Robots, in fact, the opposite is true. TAP’s should give you the ability to transfer some of your team's expertise into the platform so it makes judgements and decisions in the same way a Human would, one recent example relates to a HR Manager losing one of their key members of staff which could have meant lost expertise and caused delays and issues within their Recruitment Process. Our solution meant this knowledge was “stored” and candidates were still being processed as “normal”.

Effective advertising

The internet is a fabulous tool which has opened up a whole new way of attracting candidates but at the same it also provides a wealth of data which can be used to monitor the effectiveness of your Recruitment Strategy, such as; which advertising sources generate the best quality candidates - placements, not just applications! The difficulty can be analysing this information time effectively and getting it into a format where it can actually be used easily.

TAP’s should present all of this data in easy to use reports including graphical elements helping you leverage better rates with your chosen advertising sources.


These are just a few of the reasons that in today’s technology driven world that you can’t afford to not have a Talent Acquisition Platform.

iintegra is one of these Talent Acquisition Platforms and we are always happy to offer a no-obligation demonstration of the solution.

For more information, please contact Brett Marlow on 07468 457585 or email brett.marlow@iintegra.com

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