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Posted by Damon Ankers on 16-Jul-2018 13:56:36


The recruitment process can be a tricky mistress to navigate. You want to ensure that you identify a process that best suits your company's needs but doesn't require you to turn your infrastructure inside out. 

That's the beauty of iintegra. The ATS can replicate a company's recruitment process to the letter, allowing for an increase in consistency throughout the process, providing applicants with a fair and transparent experience while collecting and collating all the pivotal details that make or break an application, such as references and DBS information. 

Another benefit of this widespread approach is how it deals with the applicant blockage. You might have a pool of applicants who are stuck at various stages of the process. Perhaps they have gone as far as they can and are awaiting feedback from a recruiter to arrange an interview. Or maybe they are twiddling their thumbs and need a kick up the backside to shift them into gear. Either way, applicants can be contacted based on where they are in the process. 

Of course, the thing about the recruitment process means we often end up overlooking the various processes that make up the chain; the telephone interview, the telephone pre-screening, the interview itself etc.  All of these come with their own sets of costs eating away at the process and by extension, the company. For example, an Oxford Economics study revealed that the estimated cost of interviewing for a new applicant to be between £700 and £800. 

But the most grating part of the process comes when those applicants ultimately decide their job is 'just not for you', meaning you've been burning through hundreds of pounds for the sake of a long-winded rejection. Introducing iintegra to the system will do wonders for all those hidden costs, allowing you to identify which applicants are dragging their feet, thereby allowing you to focus your attention and money on the keepers. 

Also, to avoid subjecting applicants to a generic, interchangeable recruitment experience, iintegra gifts you with the ability to communicate with applicants every step of the way, be it through email or text messaging while at the same time reinforce the employer brand with information related to the company ensuring that applicants receive a unique experience that highlights everything that makes your company phenomenal. 

Once the hard part is done and out of the way, iintegra provides yet another pillar of support during the onboarding process, building on the successful applicant's knowledge and enriching their perspective of the company, be it through company video or online quizzes, so that when the applicant steps through the doors on their first day, it will feel like stepping into a second home. 

The recruitment process always presents its fair share of hardships to both recruiter and recruitee, but with a bit of iintegra magic, those hardships can be dramatically alleviated ensuring that all parties are properly catered to.  

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