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Reach new audiences with Jobs on Facebook

Posted by Damon Ankers on 20-Sep-2018 15:33:31
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When it's not being used for sharing emojis or cat videos, Facebook can now be used by candidates to find their next career move. The new subsection aptly named 'Jobs on Facebook' is officially live in the UK.

It's estimated by Statista that there are 39.2 million UK Facebook users with over 2.1 billion users worldwide. The sheer size of Facebook will allow recruiter to reach new audiences who don't actively utilise job boards.

In particular blue collar workers such as carers, drivers and restaurant workers. 

Jobs on Facebook  provides the perfect opportunity for employers to increase their social presence and boost employer brand. Every vacancy that's posted onto Facebook will link back to the employers business page adding credibility and allowing candidates to make more informed applications. In turn this should lead to higher quality applications providing the employers business page champions the organisations culture and ethos. 

How to use Jobs on Facebook 

For Recruiters - 

Simply upload your job advert with the standard information such as job title, contract type, salary and location. Recruiters can also add in pre-screening questions as they would on their favourite job boards. 

Once posted the job advert will feature :

  • On the "Jobs" tab on Facebook's Marketplace
  • The company's business page
  • The company's news feed
  • On the jobs dashboard at facebook.com/jobs

For Candidates - 

Candidates can search for opportunities by visiting the jobs tab and keying in their desired job title and location. Upon clicking "apply now" a pre-filled form will appear which contains information given on the candidates profile. Candidates simply answer any pre-screening questions and confirm their name, contact details, professional experience and education. There are no diversions to third party sources to ensure the process is as simple as possible for candidates. 


How to post a vacancy to Jobs on Facebook  

There are two ways in which you can post vacancies to Jobs on Facebook. Either manually or by using an ATS provider that's already integrated with Facebook. 

Jobs on Facebook is free. And for business who only recruit a handful of times a year the manual option could be more effective than utilising a paid for software.

However, if you find yourself continuously advertising, in particular for mid-low skilled roles using an integrated ATS could save you countless hours. Jobs can be distributed from your ATS to Facebook instantly and all applications will filter back into the system allowing you to manage centrally and measure performance.  

 Facebook integrated Application Tracking System

iintegra are one of the UK's first Applicant Tracking System providers to successfully integrate with Jobs on Facebook.

Built with an open architecture our recruitment system is able to connect with numerous third party platforms including; HR systems, Programmatic Bid Management technology and an industry leading reporting system to help streamline the whole process. 

For more information on Jobs on Facebook feel free to request more information hereWant to learn more about iintegra? Check out iintegra's features here 


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