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Automated Hiring Video

Posted by Brett Marlow on 14-Jan-2016 12:25:17

Can hiring really be automated? Yes, and we think 2016 is just the year to do it. And, we've made a 1 minute video to prove it. 

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Happy New Year from the team at iintegra

Posted by Brett Marlow on 11-Jan-2016 14:23:06

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The 3C's of Talent Acquisition: Company brand

Posted by Brett Marlow on 16-Dec-2015 19:01:57

The 3 C’s of Talent Acquisition: Series Intro

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The 3C's of Talent Acquisition: Compensation

Posted by Brett Marlow on 12-Nov-2015 17:25:50

The 3 C’s of Talent Acquisition: Series Intro

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Talent Acquisition By Numbers - If you can’t measure it…

Posted by Brett Marlow on 14-Oct-2015 09:20:00
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The 3 C’s of Talent Acquisition: Competition

Posted by Brett Marlow on 16-Sep-2015 09:28:00

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Why 82% of businesses are not equipped to recruit efficiently?

Posted by Brett Marlow on 14-Sep-2015 13:56:00
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Recruiting Efficiently

Posted by Brett Marlow on 19-Aug-2015 14:03:00

Why 82% are not equipped to recruit efficiently?

There are so many aspects which HR & Resourcing Teams need to consider in conducting an efficient recruitment policy. The underlying objectives of most talent acquisition policies are usually two-fold:

  • to fill the vacancy in the quickest time possible (i.e. time to hire)
  • to fill a vacancy cost effectively and ensure the organisation gets the best candidate for the role (i.e. cost per hire and quality of hire)

Without the right tools, advertising a role can be a complex task

When a position is created or becomes available, a lot of time is usually taken out with the hiring manager to agree salaries, duties, skills/experience, and benefits so a job advert can ultimately be written.

Once an advert has been created, the relevant Recruitment Manager needs to promote the role using the plethora of sources available:

  • Company Website
  • External Jobs Boards
  • Social Media
  • Networking and referrals
  • Search CV Databases and more.

As you can imagine, this process can take a significant amount of time if the recruiter needs to go to each individual source to post the job or look for candidates.

Advertising a vacancy efficiently: Today there are technological alternatives (Talent Acquisition Platforms - TAP) which significantly simplify and streamline the recruitment process for the recruiter. TAPs allow recruiters to store vacancy adverts in an online database so that if similar positions were to arise, a few clicks would suffice to “reactivate” the advert for the new position. At the same time, most advertising mediums work using standard coding which means the right solution can give the Recruiter the ability to distribute the vacancy to any of their preferred mediums at the push of a button, including social media.

TAPs do a lot more than just streamlining job advertising. They also save the hiring manager hours and hours by automating most steps in the application review stage. I’ll cover these stages and much more in my next article.

About the author

Brett Marlow, Business Development Manager, www.iintegra.com

In my new role working for iintegra, a recruitment technology business based in Leicestershire, I have spent a significant amount of time and consulted with different organisations regarding their recruitment strategies.

Prior to working with iintegra I ran various recruitment technology companies including two niche Jobs Boards which remain very successful in helping a broad range of companies fill vacancies within Credit, Risk and Compliance. Being honest, I used to think that advertising a job on my sites was all a company needed to do to fill a particular vacancy! I now realise that advertising a vacancy and receiving applications forms only one small part of the overall recruitment process.

If you would like an informal discussion about the iintegra platform to see if it could help your business feel free to contact me on 07468 457585 or email brett.marlow@iintegra.com

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iintegra - Talent Acquisition Platform

Posted by Brett Marlow on 17-Jul-2015 14:19:00

iintegra screenshot 

You may have noticed that within the last few weeks I have joined a Recruitment Technology Company based in Leicestershire to promote our unique Talent Acquisition Platform called iintegra.

iintegra is a Cloud based Talent Acquisition & Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which is designed to make the management of your end to end recruitment process, faster, smarter and more cost effective via a user friendly web interface. The application can automate much of your current recruitment process and helps massively reduce the amount of time HR managers or recruiters would normally spend assessing and responding to potential employees.

Once the recruitment process (or processes) have been implemented within the system you will start to see the time and cost per hire reduce significantly. The integrated analytics tool provides a real time overview of your companies acquisition efficiency.

Candidates are automatically kept informed of the status of their application reducing the amount of inbound telephone or  email enquiries that the resourcing team need to respond too. Increasing candidate satisfaction at the same time as saving man hours!

At the push of a button you can post a new vacancy across multiple advertising media resulting in shorter response and therefore time to hire.

These are just a few benefits offering by iintegra, our smart recruiting solution.

If you would like further information about iintegra or a demonstration of the software in action then please contact me on 07468 457585 or email brett.marlow@iintegra.com or check out our website at www.iintegra.com

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