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Navigating GDPR with iintegra

Posted by Damon Ankers on 12-Jun-2018 11:10:28

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The Age of GDPR is upon us, forcing anyone and everyone who manages personal data to play catch up with the new regulations. Some companies may have felt the strain of adapting to a regulation that if handled incorrectly, could have your business bleeding pounds. 

This is where Applicant Tracking Systems enter the fold, more specifically, iintegra. As a recruitment tool constantly on the up-and-up, iintegra comes with many tools of the trade that ease the burdens of online recruitment. And the GDPR regulation is yet another factor considered and accounted for, catering to the needs of businesses of any size, from an SME to a national brand. And these are some of the functions you will need to create a recruitment process 100% compliant with GDPR laws. 

  • Designed with GDPR in Mind – Given the changes to recruitment policy, you're going to need an ATS that is adaptable to GDPR policies. That way, even if the applicant isn't up to date with the common GDPR small print, iintegra will still be able to guide them through the recruitment process step by step without being tripped up. 
  • Power to the Applicant Perhaps the biggest turnaround bought about by GDPR is the applicant's control over how personal data is collected and stored. Luckily, Iintegra can manage how that control pans out. Before the applicant is put through the recruitment mill, they will be greeted with a form that acts much like a hazmat suit. It covers everything; how long the data will be used for, where the data will be stored, how long the data will be stored, all of which given the green light by the applicant. The ATS also comes complete with an applicant portal that they can jump through should they make the decision to take their data off the system. 
  • Legitimate Interest and Third Parties – More often than not, job boards will be the bait that draws in the applicant. If you have received an application via a third party such as Indeed or Total Jobs, these applications will be processed under 'Legitimate Interest'. This means that third-party applications will be processed for the sole purpose of processing that application. However, if you want to see that application circulating in talent pool searches and made available to recruiters outside the application management process, you're going to need to get that explicit consent from the applicant. 

With iintegra ensuring recruitment and GDPR go together with one another, you will have the benefit of a methodically enriched process, as well as being able to provide applicants with a more engaging recruitment experience. 

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