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Our top 8 recent updates

Posted by Damon Ankers on 04-Oct-2017 15:50:18


In recent weeks we've delivered several "quality of life" fixes and features to the ATS which you may or may not have noticed so we thought it would be a great idea to recap all of the changes we've made over recent weeks.

1. Improved information on applicant lists

We've improved the information you can see at a glance when reviewing your applicants and you can now see how long the applicant has been at a specific stage allowing you to prioritize your applicants so you can manage them more easily.

2. We've added a message library

The message library allows you to build up a stock of pre-written mail merge capable e-mails making configuring your workflows and contacting your applicants even easier. Simply choose from the list of pre-saved e-mails that you can create when you need to send an e-mail and hit send. The mail merge facility allows you to personalize the e-mail without lifting a finger.

3. Improvements to reporting

We've upgraded our enterprise reporting tool "Qlik" to the latest version and revised the look and feel of it so it's much friendlier to use. In addition our standard reporting features have had a few updates with new reports covering Interview and Work trial attendance.

4. Global notes

The application notes that a recruiter writes for an applicant have always been attached to the stage at which they were at when the notes were made. We've added a new tab when viewing an application now that allows a recruiter to view all the notes that have been made against that applicant in once place.

5. Message Centre upgrades

We've added a new tab to the message centre so a recruiter can view the applicants’ documents directly from the message centre rather than having to close it and revisit the application screens.

6. Shortlisting improvements

The Hiring manager can now make notes against each applicant they're reviewing and those notes can be seen by the recruiter when the shortlist has been returned to them. This provides a better collaborative experience for the Hiring Manager and the recruiter.

7. Candidate Search

The talent pool search has received some attention too and it now includes a distance from vacancy indicator when reviewing suitable candidates for a vacancy from your talent pool. This lets a recruiter better choose the applicants to invite to apply.

8. Sharing application links

The vacancy posting features have been extended by giving recruiters an extra tab when posting a vacancy. The tab provides a set of links which can be shared both online and offline allowing recruiters to generate more applications from a wider audience. The feature even allows for custom source tracking giving the recruiter the ability to define their own source for an application URL which can be tracked by the ATS. Offline advertising is catered for with the addition of a QR code generator which allows applicants with a mobile phone to simply scan and apply.

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