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Navigating GDPR with iintegra

Posted by Damon Ankers on 12-Jun-2018 11:10:28

GDPR Image

The Age of GDPR is upon us, forcing anyone and everyone who manages personal data to play catch up with the new regulations. Some companies may have felt the strain of adapting to a regulation that if handled incorrectly, could have your business bleeding pounds. 

This is where Applicant Tracking Systems enter the fold, more specifically, iintegra. As a recruitment tool constantly on the up-and-up, iintegra comes with many tools of the trade that ease the burdens of online recruitment. And the GDPR regulation is yet another factor considered and accounted for, catering to the needs of businesses of any size, from an SME to a national brand. And these are some of the functions you will need to create a recruitment process 100% compliant with GDPR laws. 

  • Designed with GDPR in Mind – Given the changes to recruitment policy, you're going to need an ATS that is adaptable to GDPR policies. That way, even if the applicant isn't up to date with the common GDPR small print, iintegra will still be able to guide them through the recruitment process step by step without being tripped up. 
  • Power to the Applicant Perhaps the biggest turnaround bought about by GDPR is the applicant's control over how personal data is collected and stored. Luckily, Iintegra can manage how that control pans out. Before the applicant is put through the recruitment mill, they will be greeted with a form that acts much like a hazmat suit. It covers everything; how long the data will be used for, where the data will be stored, how long the data will be stored, all of which given the green light by the applicant. The ATS also comes complete with an applicant portal that they can jump through should they make the decision to take their data off the system. 
  • Legitimate Interest and Third Parties – More often than not, job boards will be the bait that draws in the applicant. If you have received an application via a third party such as Indeed or Total Jobs, these applications will be processed under 'Legitimate Interest'. This means that third-party applications will be processed for the sole purpose of processing that application. However, if you want to see that application circulating in talent pool searches and made available to recruiters outside the application management process, you're going to need to get that explicit consent from the applicant. 

With iintegra ensuring recruitment and GDPR go together with one another, you will have the benefit of a methodically enriched process, as well as being able to provide applicants with a more engaging recruitment experience. 

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Our top 8 recent updates

Posted by Damon Ankers on 04-Oct-2017 15:50:18


In recent weeks we've delivered several "quality of life" fixes and features to the ATS which you may or may not have noticed so we thought it would be a great idea to recap all of the changes we've made over recent weeks.

1. Improved information on applicant lists

We've improved the information you can see at a glance when reviewing your applicants and you can now see how long the applicant has been at a specific stage allowing you to prioritize your applicants so you can manage them more easily.

2. We've added a message library

The message library allows you to build up a stock of pre-written mail merge capable e-mails making configuring your workflows and contacting your applicants even easier. Simply choose from the list of pre-saved e-mails that you can create when you need to send an e-mail and hit send. The mail merge facility allows you to personalize the e-mail without lifting a finger.

3. Improvements to reporting

We've upgraded our enterprise reporting tool "Qlik" to the latest version and revised the look and feel of it so it's much friendlier to use. In addition our standard reporting features have had a few updates with new reports covering Interview and Work trial attendance.

4. Global notes

The application notes that a recruiter writes for an applicant have always been attached to the stage at which they were at when the notes were made. We've added a new tab when viewing an application now that allows a recruiter to view all the notes that have been made against that applicant in once place.

5. Message Centre upgrades

We've added a new tab to the message centre so a recruiter can view the applicants’ documents directly from the message centre rather than having to close it and revisit the application screens.

6. Shortlisting improvements

The Hiring manager can now make notes against each applicant they're reviewing and those notes can be seen by the recruiter when the shortlist has been returned to them. This provides a better collaborative experience for the Hiring Manager and the recruiter.

7. Candidate Search

The talent pool search has received some attention too and it now includes a distance from vacancy indicator when reviewing suitable candidates for a vacancy from your talent pool. This lets a recruiter better choose the applicants to invite to apply.

8. Sharing application links

The vacancy posting features have been extended by giving recruiters an extra tab when posting a vacancy. The tab provides a set of links which can be shared both online and offline allowing recruiters to generate more applications from a wider audience. The feature even allows for custom source tracking giving the recruiter the ability to define their own source for an application URL which can be tracked by the ATS. Offline advertising is catered for with the addition of a QR code generator which allows applicants with a mobile phone to simply scan and apply.

 For more information on iintegra please call 01455 393 603 today.


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Closer Integration with Indeed

Posted by Damon Ankers on 25-Sep-2017 11:43:47


We've been working closely with Indeed to improve the application process for applicants by implementing Indeed’s "Indeed Apply" technology.

This technology allows an applicant to apply to a vacancy posted from the ATS directly on the Indeed website which removes the duplication of work where an applicant registers with Indeed with their basic details and then re-enters them when applying. With "Indeed Apply", Indeed send the basic details of the applicant to us so we can automate the initial application. Indeed can then forward the applicant to the second stage of the workflow directly making the application experience much more streamlined for applicants.

In our tests, we've experienced a 2% increase in completed applications from applicants that have applied this way which is a significant improvement in conversions.

The feature is an optional one but we think that if you advertise with Indeed, it's worth enabling. To do so, go to the Job board manager and select "Indeed" from your list, then make sure the "Allow Application on Indeed" checkbox is ticked before saving. That's it. Any new posts you make to Indeed will automatically use the "Indeed Apply" technology.

 For more information on how iintegra can help improve your recruitment process today please call 01455 393 603

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Talent Acquisition Platform - Yes or No?

Posted by Brett Marlow on 02-Jun-2016 11:53:48

Here are a few of the reasons you can’t afford to not have a good Talent Acquisition Platform


I realise that being someone who sells a Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP) that I might be somewhat biased in my views but there is good basis as to the benefits of setting up a Recruitment Strategy which can easily be managed saving both time and money.

Caring for Candidates

As I’ve covered in recent articles, it is sometimes forgotten that the candidates are REAL people with feelings that can often be desperately looking for a new career. Due to the volume of applications, it has become a challenge for individuals within the Hiring Process to respond individually to each candidate, particularly if they are not suitable. If a candidate goes away feeling that they haven’t been treated fairly or with consideration then they may tell others (via social media) about their experience which could have a negative effect on your Recruitment Brand.

Therefore, a good TAP will give you the ability to assess all applications and to communicate with them automatically regardless of their suitability or not. Happier candidates = improved Recruitment Brand

Stop wasting the Human Resource

Too often from our experience, HR teams are bogged down dealing with tasks that could be easily done by the right TAP. Many companies still ask candidates to apply for jobs by email or by post, which creates significant amounts of administration; transferring data to internal systems, assessing the information, responding to the candidates…

A good TAP should give you the ability to easily customise the application process which could include a pre-screening stage whereby the candidate is automatically assessed based on responses to specific preset questions, meaning that a Human will never waste time opening a CV unless the candidate meets the basic role criteria.

Again the right platform should easily be integrated with internal HR or Employee databases meaning applicant data is automatically transferred at the relevant stage within the Hiring Process.

Automation = Many man hours saved

Reduce lost expertise

Some of the organisations we talk too are concerned that using a TAP dehumanises the Recruitment Process, we are not trying to replace HR/Recruiters with Robots, in fact, the opposite is true. TAP’s should give you the ability to transfer some of your team's expertise into the platform so it makes judgements and decisions in the same way a Human would, one recent example relates to a HR Manager losing one of their key members of staff which could have meant lost expertise and caused delays and issues within their Recruitment Process. Our solution meant this knowledge was “stored” and candidates were still being processed as “normal”.

Effective advertising

The internet is a fabulous tool which has opened up a whole new way of attracting candidates but at the same it also provides a wealth of data which can be used to monitor the effectiveness of your Recruitment Strategy, such as; which advertising sources generate the best quality candidates - placements, not just applications! The difficulty can be analysing this information time effectively and getting it into a format where it can actually be used easily.

TAP’s should present all of this data in easy to use reports including graphical elements helping you leverage better rates with your chosen advertising sources.


These are just a few of the reasons that in today’s technology driven world that you can’t afford to not have a Talent Acquisition Platform.

iintegra is one of these Talent Acquisition Platforms and we are always happy to offer a no-obligation demonstration of the solution.

For more information, please contact Brett Marlow on 07468 457585 or email

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Talent Acquisition - What about the candidate?

Posted by Brett Marlow on 18-Feb-2016 09:11:41


As an organisation we regularly meet HR and Hiring Managers that want to recruit the best talent within the shortest time and cost effectively. In today’s society there are many ways of attracting candidates with many “free” avenues available to the discerning recruiter. Depending on the seniority of role or JobCentre+ prove effective for certain roles. At the higher end of the spectrum, Linkedin and other social media offer a wide reach to a niche target audience if used effectively.

In many instances, the routes to attraction are so effective that the company will end up receiving more applications for a role than their Human Resources can actually assess, filter and therefore respond to. And actually, because the internet is a faceless place, many of the applications for roles are purely speculative from candidates that don’t realistically have the right “stuff” to fill the particular role.

This creates two major issues, firstly the Human Expertise within the Talent Acquisition cycle ends up being bogged down by reading applications and CV’s that should never really have been considered in the first place. But secondly, more frequently than not, due to the workload pressures (on the HR team) many of the candidates will never hear back from the company as to whether they are suitable for interview or not. It might not sound like a big deal but when you are searching for a new job candidates will pin their hopes on particular roles in the vain hope they might be suitable.

If a candidate waits for weeks to hear back from an employer only to be told “thanks but no thanks”, it can cause frustration. This usually manifests in the form of ‘venting’ to friends/colleagues and even taking to social media. Ultimately, the company's Recruitment Brand ends up being damaged. One or two candidates aren’t going to make a huge difference but if over time there are hundreds of candidates expressing and sharing their frustrations then it could have an effect on your ability to recruit the best quality candidates.

Recruitment Brand is a term we are hearing more frequently and when you consider the fact that in today’s economy, the candidate is in high demand then Recruitment Brand could become the difference between you or your competitor winning the candidate's services.

As someone who has personally been at the candidate end of the process, I was shocked by just how many companies (including major Plc’s) that treated my application with complete disregard. I can accept being told that based on certain factors I am not suitable for a role. Hey you can’t win them all! But to feel ignored and in some instances to actually feel like you’re being regarded as worthless, well as you can imagine, I won’t be gushing with praise should I ever be asked about any of these companies in the future.

The good news is that there is a solution that doesn’t mean having to hire lots more Human Experts to deal with the candidates. In fact, there is a solution that (1) gives a company the ability to respond to every candidate in a personal manner and (2) free’s up the Human Experts to focus on spending more time speaking to candidates without treating them like a commodity.

A good Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP) should give you the ability to transfer some of the Human Expertise into the technology so all candidate applications are assessed using predefined rules and criteria, in the same way that a HR or Hiring Manager would make the assessment. The same platform should also give you the ability to send messages to candidates at all stages of the Recruitment Lifecycle, by text, email or by even giving them access to an “Applicant Portal” which they can login to at anytime to see the current status of their application.

iintegra is one of these Talent Acquisition Platforms and we are always happy to demonstrate how we can help increase your Recruitment Brand by improving the Candidate Experience, just one of the many benefits of using our unique TAP.

For more information, please contact Brett Marlow on 07468 457585 or email

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Can hiring really be automated? All of it? How?

Posted by Brett Marlow on 27-Jan-2016 13:23:53

An extended edition guide

Just 25 days in, and already we're noticing that hiring automation will be a huge talking point in 2016. Can hiring really be automated? All of it? Some of it? How? 

Well wonder now more! We have created a 19 page, extended edition, Guide to Automated Hiring. And, it's yours to download for free.


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Automated Hiring Video

Posted by Brett Marlow on 14-Jan-2016 12:25:17

Can hiring really be automated? Yes, and we think 2016 is just the year to do it. And, we've made a 1 minute video to prove it. 

  For a virtual tour, please visit: Explore iintegra 

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Happy New Year from the team at iintegra

Posted by Brett Marlow on 11-Jan-2016 14:23:06

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The 3C's of Talent Acquisition: Company brand

Posted by Brett Marlow on 16-Dec-2015 19:01:57

The 3 C’s of Talent Acquisition: Series Intro

Although the phrase ‘War for Talent’ has done the rounds, it’s still as relevant today as when it was coined, if not more so. The ‘war’ is not only very real, it’s now being fought on 3 fronts: Competition, Compensation and Company brand (LinkedIn, 2015). Together, these factors are known (at least here at iintegra, anyway) as the 3 C's of talent attraction or acquisition.

3rd C: Company brand

This week I round off the 3C’s of Talent Acquisition series by focusing on company brand. There is no doubt that the company brand plays a crucial role in recruiting the best talent. But, at what point in the talent acquisition process does the brand come into play, and just how decisive is it at this point?

The CIPD (2015) in their annual report ‘Resourcing and Talent Planning’ point out that there is a…  

  Widespread focus on improving employer brand - particularly through enhancing and  developing corporate websites and making efforts to improve the candidate brand.

While the average UK ‘time to hire’ is 6 weeks, a lot happens in these 6 weeks. The successful applicant ends up having swiftly (we hope) progressed from seeing a job advert to the onboarding process. At every stage, however, there is a branding opportunity which, without adequate planning, can be missed.

Stage 1: Job advertising

Advertising on job boards, social media and corporate/career sites allows businesses to brand their adverts. Many businesses miss this opportunity and just go for the ‘vanilla’ option which, whilst cheaper, does not offer any branding advantages. If your goal is to acquire the cream of the available talent then maximising brand awareness, even at this early stage will prove pivotal. Reminder: Talent Acquisition Platforms allow businesses, in just a few clicks, to post jobs and automatically reach several platforms instantly.

Job advertising guide

Stage 2: Application stage

So, new candidates have applied for your jobs, what next? 33% of businesses report losing applicants because of the length of their hiring process. Candidate portals (not to be mistaken with Applicant Tracking Systems or Talent Acquisition Platforms) play such a massive, but often overlooked, role in keeping candidates in the loop in terms of their application. Candidate portals can be branded so that every time a candidate logs in or interacts with the portal, they are reminded of the strengths of your brand.

Stage 3: Managing applications

In my last blog, I pointed out that businesses need to stay in constant touch with candidates as they progress through the application process. A lot of these email ‘touches’ should not only be automated, they should be branded as well. Branded and automated emails are a key feature of Talent Acquisition Platforms.Watch how we automated hiring

Stage 4: Interviews

By this stage, if you have taken all the branding opportunities along the way, your brand strength should be working for you. Whether it’s a telephone, face to face, video or group interview, there are branding opportunities to be explored. It could be as simple as a telephone salutation during a telephone interview or how the video interview software looks and feels.

Stage 5: Hiring

The job isn’t done yet, even at this stage. As I’ve pointed out before, the very best candidates will not be easily prised from their existing jobs - many of them receiving counter offers just when you thought you had bagged them. It’s essential to continue reassuring candidates that they are making the right decision by risking a move to your business. By the way, 7 million workers plan to change jobs in 2016.

Stage 6: Onboarding

Inasmuch as the new hire has a probation period to negotiate, your business also has a short window in which to impress your new hire. Making the new hire feel included and engaged are key to achieving this goal. Some businesses now use branded Employee Apps to ensure that all their workers are engaged and ‘in touch with the mothership’ no matter where they are.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my series on the 3C’s of Talent Acquisition and if you’ve not read my other blogs in this series, you can still do so here:


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The 3C's of Talent Acquisition: Compensation

Posted by Brett Marlow on 12-Nov-2015 17:25:50

The 3 C’s of Talent Acquisition: Series Intro

Although the phrase ‘War for Talent’ has done the rounds, it’s still as relevant today as when it was coined, if not more so. The ‘war’ is not only very real, it’s now being fought on 3 fronts: Competition, Compensation and Company brand (LinkedIn, 2015). Together, these factors are known (at least here at iintegra, anyway) as the 3 C's of talent attraction or acquisition.

2nd C: Compensation: Don’t just pay them well…

This week I’m focusing on the second of the 3C’s, Compensation.

That salary plays a major role in attracting top candidates has never been up for debate. There is no magic talent acquisition formula that somehow circumvents the need for a competitive salary. As a basic minimum, a competitive salary must feature within your job advert. Up to 42% of candidates will simply not look at an advertised vacancy without a salary.

Job advertising guide

But while salary plays a major role in attracting candidates, its influence in retention is diluted by other compensational factors.  If you are attracting top candidates, but are struggling to retain them it may well be that you need to review your performance in these areas:

  • Mentoring
  • Offering a stimulating challenge
  • Opportunities for promotion
  • Empowerment and trust
  • Involvement
  • Communicated value and appreciation

According to a recent study commissioned by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), a competitive salary was found to be not as significant in retention as it is in attraction. In fact, salary was only 4th in the top 10 list of what ‘Brits’ want in a job. Can you guess what came first? Here’s the list:

A Top 10 List of What Brits Want in a Job

  1. Responsibility
  2. Recognition
  3. My colleagues
  4. Pay
  5. To make a difference
  6. Achievement
  7. The job itself
  8. Learning new things
  9. Being challenged
  10. The work environment

So, by all means, pay them well, but do more. The war for talent doesn’t end once an employee is safely tucked away in your organisation. It’s only just beginning then! A buzz-phrase to lookout for in 2016 is ‘employee engagement’ which really means employees want to ‘feel’ like they matter!

Watch how we automated hiring

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